I have received a "specific" enquiry from Villas2000 what is this?


We are still the “direct enquiry” website we have always been.

Over the years we have several people EVERY MONTH coming onto our Live Help system (which has been on the website since the beginning) asking to book a villa through us – thinking that we book them. I explain that they have to browse the homes and contact each one they like. 90% of the time the guest says that they don’t have the time or want me to find them the homes. I used to say that they have to do it themselves. They would then leave the website and probably move onto the other websites that do let them do this “general” enquiry.

We decided to have the general enquiry form made so that I can refer these reluctant guests to that form rather than they leave the website.

The enquiry you have received has only been sent to Owners who MAY match the guest requirements. It has NOT gone to everyone.

We suggest that you only reply to the enquiry if your home matches all his/her requirements below and you have availability. If not please ignore.

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