How do I Resize My Photos?


NOTE: Photo Upload only works in Internet Explorer Browser. There is a bug in other browsers which we are fixing shortly. If you don't have Internet Explorer then please email your photos to quoting your listing number and instructions.

We use Adobe Photoshop to resize photos. If you do not have any photo editing software consider the online tool at Resize your picture at

If you do not have Photoshop then most image editing software will have an option to "Save for the Web" or similar words. Saving for the web will ensure that your image file size is also compressed for fast download and display on the internet.

Where the software has resize parameters you need to resize by PIXEL WIDTH.

Please enter a width of 350 pixels (px) and then apply the change. Then save.

We recommend you change the file name so that your original image stays full size.

Alternatively you can use a free online service such as Resize your picture at

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