I think I've received a SPAM enquiry about my property


Sometimes a scam enquiry will be sent by a 3rd party via the enquiry form at our website

Unfortunately there is nothing to stop these people completing the enquiry form at our, or any other villa website. As long as they enter a seemingly genuine email address (it follows the format of the system will let them through. We don't see enquiries before they are sent - our system sends them directly to the owner. We may install a filter on our mail server but that would have to be checked that it doesn't stop genuine enquiries getting through.

Hopefully most owners are now experienced enough to identify a scam enquiry from a genuine one.

For future reference some things to look for:

1. Most scammers want to pay more then the total rental,
2. They may refer to the home as an apartment,
3. They want to know the address before they have booked (although some guests like to know this so they can Google or check that it exists),
4. Africa or Nigeria is mentioned (like the one sent recently),
5. They don't give any arrival or departure days or number of guests,
6. Bad English (although some have realised this gives them away),
7. May use religious terms to try and establish trust (God Bless, Praise the Lord, Missionery Retreat are some recent ones)

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