How Do I Change or Replace Photos


NOTE: Photo Upload only works in Internet Explorer Browser. There is a bug in other browsers which we are fixing shortly. If you don't have Internet Explorer then please email your photos to quoting your listing number and instructions.

To replace a photo you need to log into the owner's area and select Manage Listings from the first menu. Then select Edit Listing from the options next to your property summary.

There isn't a delete photo option - simply upload the new photo in its place!

So in the Edit Listing Form scroll down to the photos section, browse your computer to select the new photos and then press the SAVE CHANGES button which will upload the new photo and it will replace / overwrite the original one you uploaded.

If you have any problems with the new photos with uploading them please feel free to email them (without resizing them) to us at and we will resize and upload them for you.

When sending photos please remember to quote your property listing number and also any captions/titles you want adding to the photos and if they are to replace any of your existing photos please indicate which ones.

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